I HAVE A DREAM – campaign

To what extend do we dream of a future that is different, better or safer?

In August 1963 – 57 years ago – a young Martin Luther King Jr. led. the march to Washington where he gave his famous I have a dream speech at the Lincoln Memorial, a speech considered to be among the best and most powerful of all time. It was a special time; a lot was at stake for the civil rights movement and the United States as a nation. In his message, Martin Luther King Jr. expressed that the time had come for freedom, justice, and the promises of democracy to be fulfilled.

We are in a time of great upheaval in the world. Climate change, a global health pandemic, armaments, political polarization and racism are some of the challenges we must address as a society and as an individual. The year 2020 has shown us how interconnected our lives on our planet are. At the same time, we see a growing commitment to justice, peace and the environment through climate marches and anti-racism marches, lifestyle changes and increased awareness among young and old, civil society and business that offers hope. The desire and will to create something better are strong amongst many of us.

The I have a dream campaign challenges us to dream. What does my life look like if I can choose freely? What is different? What does the world look like if I get to decide?

The aim of the campaign is to explore what Norwegians dream about during this extraordinary year, and at the start of a new decade. With the I have a dream campaign, the King Institute especially wants to start a conversation with young people around Norway and capture their vision of what their lives, everyday life and the world should look like.

The campaign is running on a separate website where you can upload a picture of yourself and write down your dream in a given format. The campaign is also ongoing on social media platforms where everyone who participates can share their dream and encourage others in their network to participate and dream.

As well as collecting dreams at a dedicated digital platform for the campaign, it is also part of a research and educational project. 

The campaign launches at the end of November!