“The failure to invest in youth reflects a lack of compassion and a colossal failure of common sense.”

Coretta Scott King

The King Institute contributes to more young people experiencing inclusion through innovative measures and programs. We believe that the growing exclusion among young people is one of the main challenges of our time. We see it at school, in the circle of friends, in the family and in society. We engage with individual youth and groups over time with a clear relational focus. From our experience this leads to long-term change in the lives of individual young people. 

By exclusion we mean to be on the way out of social norms and recognized communities, and to stay outside social norms and / or recognized communities.

By inclusion we mean perceived belonging, being seen, wishing to enter social norms and a recognized community when the youth themselves experience being excluded. In this way, young people can contribute their inherent resources for the benefit of themselves and others.

For us, interdisciplinary collaboration is crucial for the success of working with young people in isolation. We understand interdisciplinarity as a professional conversation between involved actors in a defined structure with common goals. In this way young people can reach further in their adaptability, when the actors around communicate and come to a common understanding of the problem.

The Empower Program

Key words for the Empower program are TIME, RELATIONSHIP, REFLECTION AND LEARNING through guidance (mentoring) and creative teaching.

The Empower program is divided into three parts:
1) One-on-one follow-up. Social work mentoring.
2) Pedagogical courses that facilitate reflection, learning and change.
3) The King base. A hangout for young people for socializing and positive
relationship building.