Refugee and asylum workers face considerable demands, requiring relational competence and the ability to facilitate others through the challenges of migration. We have partnered with the Norwegian University of Management and Theology to develop an education that provides insights and tools on multiple levels.

Course topics include:

This course is designed to give you in-depth knowledge and practical skills that are essential for handling conflicts in asylum reception and housing measures in an efficient, respectful, and empathetic way. We are sure that your participation will help to strengthen our joint work to create safe and inclusive environments for those seeking protection and help.

We have with us knowledgeable and renowned lecturers, such as Hilde Lidén, Henrik Syse, Thomas Dorg, Jai Ganapathy, Tina Davis and others. The course is an approved college course that gives 20 credits, provided that you take a written exam at the end of the course.

“This course is for those who want to perfect themselves in the demanding and rewarding work at the asylum reception center or in the housing collective, and at the same time formalize their skills”

Thomas Dorg is the subject manager and main teacher for the study. He is a senior lecturer at the Norwegian School of Management and Theology and director of the King Institute.

He has taught conflict management at colleges and universities in Norway and abroad for more than 15 years. He has more than 17 years’ experience with environmental and conflict work at asylum receptions, including as emergency mediator for the UDI in several eras from 2012 to the present day. Dorg has given the course and guided managers and staff groups in asylum and housing contexts for many years, where the theme has often been conflict-mitigating environmental work.

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“We look forward to having you on the course. This is a great opportunity for professional growth and development, and we are sure that your participation will enrich the course.”

Linda Ringsvold,
course host and administratively responsible

KTR1010 Konfliktforståelse, kontekst og transformasjon10 stp
KTR1020 Mekling og dialogarbeid10 stp

Here are the exciting lecturers and tutors on the course:

Henrik Syse is a philosopher, author, speaker and professor.

He is the King Institute’s chairman and holds several important positions, including chairman of the Nobel Institute. He has written a number of books and articles in various genres, including “What we say to each other” (2015), “På den ene siden” (2022), “Words in crisis” (2020), “Ethics, Nationalism, and Just War: Medieval and Contemporary Perspectives” (2007), with more. He is one of the most used lecturers in Norway and teaches at colleges and universities in Norway and abroad.

Hilde Lidén is Researcher I at the Institute for Social Research (ISF).

She is one of the country’s most experienced migration researchers. Among other things, her research has focused on unaccompanied minor asylum seekers, children exposed to human trafficking and the integration of children of immigrants. Among other things, she has written the book “Children and migration” published by Universitetsforlaget.

Jai Ganapathy is senior lecturer and researcher at the Norwegian Police Academy (PHS).

Jai is responsible for the “Culture and diversity” and “Conflict management in a diverse society” studies at the Norwegian Police Academy. He is a social anthropologist and researcher and teaches cultural understanding and diversity, trust building and conflict management.

Per Erik Skogestad is responsible for the course.

He is in the emergency team for conflict management for UDI, and has extensive experience from environmental therapeutic work and guidance in institutional and residential contexts.
In addition, he has extensive experience in guiding and mentoring young people on the outside, as well as mediation and dialogue work in religious and life-view communities. Skogestad holds courses for employees at asylum reception centers in conflict management under the auspices of the UDI.

Tina Davis is a special advisor and researcher at the King Institute.

She has extensive and versatile experience in the field of human trafficking, and is among the leading international experts in human rights and business.
In 2009, she directed the documentary “Modern slavery”, for which she received the Amanda Prize. Tina is co-editor of the Journal of Modern Slavery, and has, among other things, sat on several international committees, such as Delta 8.7, a UN-associated committee. Tina has a PhD in Sociology from the University of Sydney.

Kjetil Korstveit has a long career behind him in work with refugees and asylum seekers as a senior adviser in the UDI.

He has been responsible for national training programs in UDI, in addition to most tasks within the UDI system. Today, he is a consultant for operators who will set up new asylum reception centers all over the country. Kjetil is originally a civil economist.