From the left: Per Erik Skogestad, Ciise Aden Abshir, Thomas Dorg og Alasow Abdirazak


Can the King Instiute and the Somali Football Association contribute to conflict prevention in Somalia?

Monday 17/06-´24

A few months ago, the King Institute was contacted by Ciise Aden Abshir and Alasow Abdirazak. Ciise, a former captain of the elite series team Lillestrøm and the Somali national team, is currently engaged by the Somali Football Association to recruit players for the national team and represent Somalia in FIFA. Alasow is a social worker and an employee of the Children’s Protection Agency in Oslo.

The King Institute is now involved in a project aimed at supporting Somali youth. We will assist in developing a long-term crime and conflict prevention program, which will focus on football, conflict management tools, and leadership training.

On June 11th, when the Somali president visited Oslo, Per Erik Skogestad and Thomas Dorg were invited to a celebration at the Radisson Hotel. The event featured a festively dressed gathering of more than seven hundred Norwegian-Somalis, artists from far and near, and the Minister of Culture, Lubna Boby Jaffery, celebrating the meeting between the president and the Somali community in Norway.

Dr. Tina Davis (left) and Cindy Berman (right)


Roundtable on Remediation with NorgesGruppen

Monday 17/06-´24

On Friday, June 14th, NorgesGruppen and the King Institute hosted a roundtable meeting focused on access to remediation in national and global value chains.

We brought together some of Norway’s largest companies (Telenor, Orkla, Yara, Equinor, Vinmonopolet, and others) for a vital dialogue and knowledge exchange on effective grievance mechanisms and access to remediation, often referred to as the forgotten pillar in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs).

Among our participants were Cindy Berman from Electronics Watch, who presented the recently launched “Principles for Worker-Driven Remedy,” Ellen Thorsrud Behrens from Orkla, who discussed their approach to handling labor rights violations and remediation, and Tina Davis from the King Institute, who shared findings from the Nordic research project on access to grievance mechanisms and remediation in Norway, Sweden, and Finland, supported by the Baltic Sea Council. Additionally, various remediation cases that companies have worked on were presented.

Thomas Dorg (left) and Bishop Isaiah Dau (right), who was central to the peace negotiations in South Sudan


Churches in seven African countries want to play a role as peacemakers – we are invited to contribute!

Monday 06/05-´24

From April 2-4, researchers and practitioners, mostly church leaders, from seven national churches gathered in Addis Ababa. This initiative was led by Nobel Peace Prize winner Denis Mukwege and PMU in Sweden. The workshop’s theme focused on whether the growing Pentecostal churches in East and Central Africa can play a peacemaking role in the region’s ongoing conflicts.

Thomas Dorg represented the King Institute, joining 26 delegates from Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

The King Institute is now developing a program to support this initiative and help maximize its potential. We call the program “Churches for Peace.” With funding already in place, we are set to launch a preliminary project in August. This will be one of our largest projects moving forward, positioning the King Institute as a significant contributor to peace in some of the world’s most extensive and often “forgotten” conflicts.


Lambertseter Kings secure another victory!

Monday 03/06-´24

On Friday, May 31, our team, Lambertseter Kings secured another victory in the 10th division series – our fourth ever and second win in this year’s series! Established in 2021, the team has steadily progressed through the national division system at the 9th and 10th levels. Thanks to persistent training and strong development, we are now climbing towards the middle of the table!

While sporting success is a key goal, it is not our only, nor perhaps our most important one. Our aim is to create a safe platform for community and personal growth for young people with a refugee background. In this area, we feel we are succeeding, together with the players.

The team’s leader and coach, Espen, speaks of an enthusiastic group. Every week, 30 players gather for training and matches, fostering good relationships among themselves and with their opponents.

Taking a summer break while positioned in the middle of the table is significant for our dedicated group of players. We will continue to support and cheer on the Lambertseter Kings as they resume in the autumn.


Save the Children made a video about Lambertseter Kings

Friday 12/04-´24

Save the Children Norway has made a new video about our football team Lambertseter Kings. The video will be used in a large national school campaign. Mostafa and Imam talk about their experience of fleeing from their home country Syria to Norway and how playing football has helped them make new friends and cope with their trauma. Lambertseter Kings evolved into more than a football team, into a sanctuary for more than 30 young refugees. This community creates bonds of friendship and resilience amidst the echoes of cheering fans and the rhythm of the game.


Workshop in Stockholm about “Remedy” with HEUNI and Ethical Trading Initiative Sweden

Monday 11/03 -´24

On March 6th, the King Institute hosted a roundtable on the topic of «remedy” in Stockholm together with our partners HEUNI (Finland) and Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Sweden.

We had engaging discussions related to the project “Safety for all? Remedy for exploited migrant workers in the Nordic region“, and the roundtable focused on common challenges across sectors.

The group discussions were particularly engaging and emphasized common challenges and the importance of collaborating with established partners, seeking new and unconventional partnerships, and realizing that one’s critic can be one’s best friend in efforts to strengthen access to remedy for migrant workers.
We will continue the conversation on remedy and are looking forward to future collaborations towards creating meaningful change.

Read more here:

Here are some key points from the roundtable:

  • The importance of collective responsibility from government and business sectors in meeting the obligations of the UNGPs, the Norwegian Transparency Act, and upcoming regulations with remedy highlighted as a core element.
  • Identification of barriers migrant workers face in accessing remedy, such as language barriers, lack of knowledge about their own rights as well as existing complaint mechanisms.
  • Information on ongoing processes to strengthen systems in the Nordic countries to prevent exploitation and human trafficking.
  • Insights into ongoing efforts to enhance systems in the Nordic countries to prevent exploitation and trafficking.
  • The Fackligt Center för Papperslösa presented existing challenges in accessing remedy, including the courts’ hesitance in using the stricter criminal code and issues arising from migration/visa policies that impact employment opportunities during a remediation process.
  • Electronic Watch shared the Principles for Worker-Driven Remedy, and emphasised that companies need to understand where they have leverage and use it.
  • Thought-provoking discussions on the role businesses play in providing remedy, and the importance of including migrant workers in the remediation process beyond compliance with local laws.


King Course on “Conflict De-escalating Social Work in the Asylum Sector”

Monday 11/03 -´24
Last week we had our 3rd gathering for our course in cooperation with HLT (Norwegian School of Leadership and Theology) – “Conflict De-escalating Social Work in the Asylum Sector”. The course aims to improve the skills of people working in the asylum sector to mitigate and mediate conflicts and improve their overall leadership skills. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday students learned about Mediation methods and got to practice them during numerous role-play scenarios. The 84-hour course started on the 30th of November 2023 and will end on the 20th of April 2024, being worth 20 credits in total.


Celebration of Martin Luther King Day at the interfaith Sabbath in Fairmount Temple in Cleveland, Ohio

Monday 15/01-´24

Director Thomas Dorg was the keynote speaker on Friday, January 12th, at an interfaith Sabbath commemorating the annual national Martin Luther King Day in the USA at Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple in Cleveland.

The King Institute was invited to Ohio to meet and advise the newly established Interfaith Forum in Cleveland. The ongoing difficulties in the Middle East after October 7th also affect the dialogue there.

The Sabbath that followed was a visible expression of the desire to maintain dialogue between faith communities in the area despite the challenges. More than twenty representatives from churches, synagogues, and mosques in Cleveland attended the event. Together with Rev. Dr. Lisa Goods, senior pastor at Shiloh Baptist Church, and Michael Hunter Ochs, co-founder of Pursuit of Harmony, Dorg spoke to the audience during the annual MLK Sabbath service. He talked about how the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. inspired the establishment of the Coretta & Martin Luther King Institute for Peace in Oslo, to contribute to creating a world where reconciliation, equality, and human rights are achievable through dialogue and non-violent approaches.


Experience sharing with representatives from schools, leisure activities, NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration), child welfare, police, and civil society organizations in Nordre Follo.

Thursday 16/11 -´23
Alongside a fantastic group of colleagues from schools, child welfare, NAV (youth group), leisure sector, PPT (Educational Psychological Service), Police, and Outreach workers in Nordre Follo, Thomas Dorg from the King Institute shared experiences in mentoring youth facing social exclusion.

Belinda Ekornås (RVTS Øst) gave a lecture on “Vulnerability and Motivation for Radicalization – and a Way Out.” She is a psychologist specialist and special advisor at RVTS Øst.

Thomas Dorg from the King Institute shared experiences and the scientific basis for the mentoring work at the King Institute. The work is anchored in the SaLTo (Local Youth Action Plan) work in Oslo. “It’s always exciting to share experiences in demanding social work in an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral forum,” says Thomas Dorg, director of the King Institute. “We have several active mentor relationships ongoing right now. We think relationally, long-term, and holistically in our mentoring work,” he continues. “From a professional standpoint, we draw on, among other things, ACE research from Southern California.”


Great evening with Save the Children and the Prime Minister on the TV campaign

Despite the cold and windy weather, our football team Lambertseter Kings collected NOK 44,350 for Save the Children through a football trick campaign outside Lambertseter center last Saturday.

Secretary General of Save the Children, Birgitte Lange, thanked the team for their invaluable participation in the TV campaign. On the day of the TV action, Haidar handed over a training shirt to Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre as a symbol of the importance of good activities for the integration, prevention, and inclusion of minority youth. The jersey had number 10, which is Haidar’s number on the team. Prime Minister Støre joked about whether this was a signing for the team, to which Haidar replied, “You are welcome anytime!”

The Lambertseter Kings were thrilled to participate in the campaign, but the biggest winner was Save the Children, who set a new record with an amazing NOK 273 million in collected funds. The money will be used to improve conditions for children in war and conflict.

We thank Redd Barna (Save the Children) and NRK for their cooperation, and Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre for taking the time to chat with and get to know the team.


We collect Money for the TV-Action

Saturday 21/10-´23
The Lambertseter Kings football team has made a significant contribution to this year’s TV campaign for Save the Children. The players have served as expert consultants for the campaign, sharing their own experiences of conflict and war to inform how children are portrayed. Haidar, a member of the team, participated in the kick-off event at Save the Children, where he shared his personal journey and spoke about the football team and its origins.

During the TV campaign weekend, the team will collect donations at Lambertseter Senter, and the total amount will be presented on the TV broadcast itself on Sunday!


Rapportlansering for fagfeltet og for publikum

Monday 11/9-´23
We launched our latest research report on the recruitment of migrant workers in Norwegian food production on August 7, 2023, to a full house at our premises in Pilestredet 27. Tina Davis presented the findings to a broadly represented group of professionals, including representatives from the Norwegian Labor Inspectorate, the Police, civil society organizations, and several employee and employer organizations.

In addition to the full house in Pilestredet, many people followed the launch online.

On election day, September 11, we presented the report to the public in an open event supported by the Fritt Ord Foundation. An exciting panel discussion was held, led by Henrik Syse, chairman of the King Institute. The panelists included Bjart Pedersen from NorgesGruppen, Endre Lie from Fellesforbundet, Natasza Bogacz from the Norwegian Labor Inspectorate, and Tina Davis from the King Institute.



Wednesday 23/8 -´23
The King Institute attended the Parliament of World’s Religions global summit in Chicago this year, where the theme was “A Call to Conscience: Defending Freedom and Human Rights.” Ethics, joint platforms, and solutions to our time’s major challenges were discussed with leaders from a variety of large and small organizations, religious communities, and indigenous communities.

Tina Davis from the King Institute gave a talk on “A Hope-Filled Approach to Human Rights” on a panel with Dr. Kamilah Majied from California State University.

More than 7,000 people from 95 countries and 210 different traditions participated in the summit.



Saturday 19-20/8-´23
This weekend, Stokke municipality opened a training facility for the Lambertseter Kings and the Lambertseter Sports Club A team. The successful summer camp, supported by the PAF Foundation (Karpe), included hard work on the pitch, football strategy sessions, competition, and exciting activities at Vestfold Event’s great facility (boot throwing, axe throwing, balance exercises, bonfires, barbecues, etc.), as well as delicious food served by volunteers from Oslo.

Thank you to the PAF Foundation (Karpe) for their support!



Tuesday 23/5-´23
This year’s theme for the Cooperative Council for Faith and Belief Society’s annual conference was “What can we achieve with religion and belief dialogue?” The keynote speaker was Professor Azza Karam, head of Religions for Peace. Other presenters and panel participants included Professor Sturla Stålsett, Didrik Sønderlund of the Humanities Association, Anne Sender of the Mosaic Religious Community, and research dean TF Anne Hege Grung.

In his speech, King Institute Director Thomas Dorg emphasized the importance of dialogue in general, and especially between different religions and communities of life in the demanding times we live in with increasing conflicts and unrest. However, he noted that dialogue needs to be facilitated with a wise approach to form and method, as not all interactions that are called dialogue actually are.